Digital Scrapbooking

Digital ScrapbookingHaven't got time to complete your digital scrapbooking projects? This guide will show you How to Digital Scrapbook a Page in 10 Minutes with these simple hints and tips:

Before you get started:

  • Pick your photo's
  • Find a matching kit to suit your photos
  • A cool template will make scrapbooking your photos fast and simple. Find a digital scrapbook template to closely match the number of photos you are adding to your page

Step 1
Open up the template in your favorite scrapbooking software program. I use Photoshop

Step 2
Pick a background paper from your kit and drag it to your page at the bottom of your layers palette. This will put the paper in the background where it belongs.

Hint: In Photoshop, if you hold down the shift button when you do this, the page automatically centers on your page.

Step 3
Clip your photo to the template layer by dragging your photo to the layer above the photo template layer you wish to use. Then hold down the ALT key over the two layers until the twin circles appear. Click and your top layer will be clipped to your bottom layer. Repeat for further photos.

Step 4
You can use papers from the kit to clip over other elements in the page as per Step 3. This gives a coordinated look to your layout. You can also delete any layers of the template you do not wish to include.

Step 5
Add any embellishments from the kit that you would like. Remember clean, simple pages are fast to complete and your photos will stand out far better by keeping your embellishment use under check.

Step 6
Save your project as the layered photoshop file. This is useful if you wish to change it later, or create a second, easily coordinated page that matches the one you just made.

Step 7
Flatten your image and save it as a .JPEG for easy printing. You can also do a second save at a smaller resolution for posting in online galleries or emailing friends and family. A generally recommended size for online submissions is 100kb. This size makes it faster for your to upload.

Digital Scrapbooking is such a versatile medium for producing beautiful pages. Creating pages is made even easier using tools such as templates, digital kits and digital paper sets.

So that is it. Seven simple steps showing you how to digital scrapbook a page in 10 minutes.