Knitting And Crocheting

Knitting And CrochetingWinters are already here and Indian women are in full swing with their knitting needles. They knit pullovers, scarves, gloves and what not with yarn and a pair of needles. Knitting woolen clothes is more like a tradition amongst Indian women and many of them are proficient at it. Knitting is an integral part of Indian culture and nothing else can take its place. But, if you wish to enhance your skill-set by learning a new form of art then crochet is the best choice.


Crochet is a process wherein a fabric is created using thread and a crochet hook. Crochet is very much similar to knitting except that the former uses one needle instead of two. Initially, it may be difficult to create a fabric using a single needle but with little practice you will be able to learn crocheting. Along with practicing this new form of knitting, you need to understand the key differences between conventional knitting and crocheting. By doing so, the learning process would become quicker.

Differences between Crocheting & Knitting
  1. In crochet, we use only one crochet hook. On the contrary, knitting requires two needles at one time.
  2. Since only one hook is used in crochet, it has only one live stitch on the hook. However, during knitting there can be more than one live stitch on the needle.
  3. With a crochet hook, it is easier to create round or cylindrical patterns. However, this is not the case with knitting. To create circular or cylindrical patterns in knitting, the person may require special type of knitting needles, assorted crochet hook set and accessories
  4. The amount of yarn required in crochet is generally more than knitting. Before you start practicing any of the forms, make sure that you have enough amount of yarn in stock. And if you are running short of yarn or any other knitting supply then order it easily through Internet.
  5. You can create three-dimensional patterns easily with crochet hooks as new hooks are done independently.
Items Needed for Crocheting

By now you must have understood the basic differences between crocheting and knitting. Now, if you wish to learn this new art form then you must have the necessary items. For crocheting, the first thing you need is yarn. The thread should be of good quality so that the end-product looks beautiful. Apart from yarn, you must buy two to three crochet hooks.