Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery PatternsHand embroidery designs are beautiful, but laborious to make. They involve complex and intricate styles and designs of embroidery that stand out - especially when you make use of the right fabric as well as thread colors. All these factors are very important in order to determine the elegance and beauty of the completed embroidered work along with its design and pattern.

Many different methods are used in the art of hand embroidery designs. A vivid imagination, creativity, skill in the manner of placing the fabric and thread, and the help of agile hands and fingers and clear eyesight are required to make beautiful hand embroidery designs. Different types of these designs include the canvas work, lace and ribbon embroidery, as well as cross stitch.

Lace and ribbon embroidery were used many years ago to create beautiful floral designs. This method is ideal for beginners as it is easy to learn when compared to the other types. Cross stitch is a common design and is very popular. It is made using counted stitches of the X-shape in order to create different designs and patterns. It is also easy to make but you have to be careful of the amount of X stitches required to make a particular design. Canvas fabric as well as yarn is used in canvas work which could be a little difficult for beginners.

Hand embroidery patterns are used to make household linen, such as pillowcases and dish towels; clothing; accessories, and so on. Different colored threads are sewed on a piece of fabric to create elaborate designs. Woven fabric is mostly used as it is easy to create exquisite patterns. You need a needle, thread and patterns to make embroidery. The threads used in making hand embroidery designs could be embroidery floss of portable threads. Needles are available in a variety of sizes from 0 to 10. Their length is medium and they are sharp for more efficient work. Hand embroidery is a great hobby for adults and children alike and is fairly easy to learn.