Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross Stitch PatternsCeltic cross stitch sample patterns are a style of cross stitch embroidery and a true embodiment of Celtic art patterns seen in early medieval art using contemporary cross stitch techniques. This form of stitching is a simple and elegant way of doing embroidery. By tradition deep, rich colors are used to make intricate geometrical patterns, spirals, interlacing themes, knotwork, alphabets, animal forms and zoomorphic patterns.

Celtic patterns can be simple; however, the more intricate the pattern, the more expertise is required. This method of embroidery is very old, but still as popular as it was long ago.

Knotwork is particularly worth trying as you will get a chance to see stitching used in fascinating ways. You can make a whole array of items for yourself or for your home decor. For instance, you can use them to decorate everyday items, such clothes, jewelry, cushion covers, wall hangings and tapestries, decorations, tea cozies and eyeglass covers.

A very effective use of vibrant color contrasts with more subdued design is found in Angela Wainwright's Celtic designs. Her designs and clever use of color combinations easily make them the perfect fit for today's decor.

Celtic Cross Stitch Sample Patterns are easy to master and often employ basic stitching techniques which can be learned from a very good source that every cross stitcher should have their stitching library. To learn the secrets of stitching success for newbies, intermediates and experts alike, discover an indispensable guide that includes the basics of stitching, helpful hints to avoid pitfalls in ruining a project, become cost efficient with your projects, framing techniques, and many other important tips.