BeadworkMore and more people these days are into a hobby for leisure purposes, while others have made their hobby a business. With the increasing number in people starting a hobby, the growth in the beadwork market has grown exponentially.

Bead crafting has been growing more and more these days because of the wide array of things that you can make with beads.

Long ago, in India, beadwork was started as a traditional handicraft that women would do and ever since it has spread over the world, more and more women have joined this industry as a hobby as well as a successful business venture. There is a ton of history in bead crafting and it continues to be one of the most meaningful hobbies amongst many women in the Middle East. In fact, there is so much meaning to the beads that every single bead that is used for beadwork had some sort of special meaning.

Although there are a ton of projects that you can make with beading, one of the most popular and greatly known is the art of jewelry making with beads. Jewelry making is not hard at all and you can get started very easily with a few simple supplies like a wire, clasp, hooks, and of course, the beads in whatever color or shape that you would like. You can make earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and anklets.

You can definitely make these very easily by adding in the beads to the string and then mastering how to add the clasps and the hooks. You can do whatever design you like and use whatever colors you desire. You can even personalize each piece for your family, friends, or for your customers. Whatever you decide to do with your jewelry pieces, you have a wide window of different types of jewelry that you can make as well as the different types of colors and meanings behind each piece.