Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery PatternsHand embroidery designs are beautiful, but laborious to make. They involve complex and intricate styles and...read more

Knitting And Crocheting

Knitting And CrochetingWinters are already here and Indian women are in full swing with their knitting needles. They knit...read more

Beading Tutorials

 TutorialsFrom my experience with new students the best way to learn to crawl when it comes to jewelry making is to learn simple bead...read more

Cross Stitch Charts

Cross Stitch ChartsCross stitch is a fun and soothing hobby that anyone can pick up easily. It requires very little equipment and...read more

Scrapbooking Ideas

Scrapbooking IdeasScrapbooking techniques and tools have matured substantially over the past few years with more and more great...read more

Patchwork Quilting

Patchwork QuiltingPatchwork quilting is an artistic and fun activity that allows you to express your creativity. Learning how to make...read more